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We all want to be understood.

We all want to have someone not only “hear” our words, but adapt and change after truly understanding them.

But sometimes, it can seem like no matter how often, or how many different ways we say something – they just don’t seem to get it.

This not only creates tension and frustration in our relationships, but often leads to resentment, lack of connection, and even relational breaking points.

But before you give up hope … There IS a way to be instantly understood.

In this bestselling book, relationship experts Gary Smalley and Dr. John Trent teach you a powerful, proven, and biblical communication tool called Word Pictures.

Smalley and Trent will teach you how to craft your own word pictures that can lead you to place of greater understanding, intimacy, and relational health.

What You’ll Learn

Understand and experience the power of Word Pictures

Create your own word picture

Cut through confusion and misunderstanding in your communication

Help people feel your words, not just hear them

Use word pictures to go around a person’s defenses and soften the heart

Convey love for your family and friends with mental images they’ll never forget

And much more!

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Praise for The Language of Love

"I've ordered several copies and have given them to some of my closest friends. Everyone who communicates with someone else...whether spouse, boss, employee, child, friend, parent...regardless of who, this book is for you.”

-Amazon Customer

“Very good book... it helps with the day to day conversation at work and at home. Any one on leadership position should read it.”

- Amazon Customer

“My husband and I have been married over 30 years and always felt we had a great marriage...communicated well, shared, were respectful of each other, faithful and loyal, so on and so on. This book has helped make that great marriage...FABULOUS!

- Amazon Customer